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a) Have periodic examination of your ears, especially if you notice your hearing decreasing.

b) Do not put drops, oil, etc. in your ears without consulting your doctor.

c) Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc.

d) Do not remove foreign objects from the ear without a doctorís assistance.

e) Do not unnecessarily -clean ears after a bath with ear buds, etc.

f) Loud noises are harmful for the ears.

g) Do not slap children/others on the ears.

h) Do not allow dirty water to enter into the ears.

i) In all cases of ear ache, ringing in the ears, discharge from the ears, giddiness, vertigo, nausea, vomiting etc. - immediately consult your doctor.


a) Do not squeeze a boil or pimple around the area of the nose.

b) Do not fry and remove a foreign object from the nasal passage without a doctorís    assistance.

c) Do not blow the nose vigorously,

d) Do not unnecessarily pick the nose.

e) Avoid unnecessary misuse of nasal drops inhalers, etc. without a doctorís approval.

f) Consult your doctor immediately in case of injury and breathing difficulty


a) Avoid the use of irritants to the throat such as smoking, chewing tobacco/ paan, etc.

b) Avoid putting coins, marbles, pins, etc. in the mouth.

c) Do not shout, scream etc. this causes hoarseness. In case of hoarseness, rest the throat     without misuse fill hoarseness passes.

d) If hoarseness persists for more then 7 days, consult your doctor.

e) Avoid taking excessively cold/hot spicy foods.

f) Avoid talking when food/water is in the mouth.

g) Eat food calmly - avoid hurry.

K) In case of glandular swelling in the neck, consult your doctor.


a) Brush your teeth once/twice a day prior to sleeping using a medium tooth brush.

b) Massage your gums once a day with your finger for one minute.

c) Avoid using abrasive tooth powders, salt, tobacco, etc. for cleaning the teeth.

d) Avoid use of any other personís tooth brush.

e) Change your tooth brush at least once every 90 days.

f) Use dental floss for removing food particles; avoid the use of pins, etc.

g) Do not smoke, use tobacco, chew gum, eat chocolate, candy etc.

h) Eat plenty crunchy fresh vegetables and fruit.

i) In case of irregular, sharp, broken teeth, contact your dentist.

j) Do not apply medicine without consulting your doctor.

k) In case of tooth ache, gum bleeding, ulcers of the gum and cheek, white patches, etc,    consult your dentist.

l) Regular dental check ups every six months; especially for growing children is essential



a) Breast feeding of infants and sufficient vitamin A for others from fresh fruits and vegetables benefits the eyes.

b) Eyes of school going children should be examined annually as also eyes of adults.

c) Sharp objects, fire works, etc. should be carefully handled.

d) Protective glasses should be worn while working in situations of heat, light, dust & smoke     etc.

e) Use protective glasses while riding two wheelers.

f) Avoid using another personís soap, towel or handkerchief, etc.

g) Do not use eye make up.

h) Do not touch the eyes with dirty fingers, cloth, etc.

i) If dust particles fall in the eye, splash with cold, clean water & consult your doctor.

j) Avoid self medication.

k) Avoid reading very small print & read in clear light avoiding dim lights for reading.

I) Preferably read sitting & avoid reading lying down.

m) Avoid reading in moving vehicles.

n) While watching T.V., do so from a distance of 10 feet. Every 20 minutes or so rest the    eyes, so also while reading.

a) Looking at distant objects, rest the eyes.




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