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Eye Exercises

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Exercises that benefit the body benefit the eyes also. However, here are a few exercises that directly strengthen the muscles of the eye and lens; and circulation of blood to the eye. The exercises if done faithfully not: - maintain healthy eyes and good vision-but in many cases help in roving vision to the point where the uses of spectacles are not necessary.

Do not wear spectacles or contact lenses while doing these exercises while in the process of doing these exercises daily reduce as far as:-

citable your dependency on spectacles.

The exercises are done while standing with the arm/arms held straight n front of your, fist closed-thumb pointing up-wards. Your thumb is the on which your eyes concentrate for the exercises. Move the thumb as directed. Keeping the head firm and moving the eyes only.

a) Side to Side

b) Up & down

c) Diagonally

d) Circles

e) Bring the thumb close to the eyes and then extend back, do continuously.

f) Place one thumb close to the eye, and the other one arm length away. Quickly shift your gaze from one to the other, repeat.

Each exercise is done not less than eight to ten times, doily or on alternate days as prescribed




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