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Stress Management

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Stress is the Neuro-muscular endocrinic response of the body to a demand, mental or physical and results in psychosomatic ailments.

stress is an Arousal response the body makes, when a situation is perceived as being stressful.

The first step in managing stress is to develop a stress free personality. A high self-esteem, assertive behavior and a positive attitude help in building stress free perception. It also helps to focus on areas where control and change are possible. Thereby reducing stress.

Any exercise programme done regularly utilizes the bodies excess stress

harmones. Exercise not only makes the body fit, but it also acclimatizes the

heat and lungs to increased activity, as in stressful situations. Relaxation and meditation techniques result in calming brain waves, and reducing the effects of stress. This is especially effective with stress related ailments.

The easiest way to meditate is by either lying down, sitting on the ground or g on a chair in a comfortable position. Eyes should be closed and noise eliminated to reduce internal stimulation. Soft music aids in relaxation. You may like to Practice relaxation techniques, different forms of meditation, yoga, a. suggestion, muscular practice etc

A few tips to change stressful behavior:

  • Plan a little idleness each day.

  • Listen without interruption.

  • Compartmentalize.

  • Make your home a retreat.

  • Know your stress points.

  • Enrich & update yourself.

  • Seek humor in life.

  • Priorities jointly with significant persons.

  • Plan time & activities.

  • Delegate & support.

  • Maintain a detached overview.

  • Nurture a support group

  • One task at a time - slow down.




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