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H.I.V / A.I.D.S

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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is an Immunodeficiency disease. It affects the body’s ability to ward off infections and disease and therefore the AIDS patient usually falls victim to several opportunistic infections and is frequently ill, loses weight, frequently has diarrhea, is short of breath, has respiratory problems, glandular fever, etc. In most cases, AIDS is fatal and may be detected by taking HIV blood tests. (ie HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS)

How Spreads

AIDS is contacted from those individuals who are I-NV + as follows:

1. Sexual intercourse: From seminal and vaginal fluids, anal intercourse, sex with prostitutes, multiple partner sex.

2. Blood: Through use of infected needles and syringes (IV drug use) infected skin piercing equipment, infected blood and organs.

3. Mother/Child: An HIV+ mother may pass on the infection to her child prior to and during birth.

How it is Not Spread

AIDS is not spread through food, water, furniture, toilet seats, hugs, handshakes, saliva, coughing, sneezing, light kisses and sex with an uninfected person.


1. Faithful, monogamus sex.

2. Use of condom beyond a monogamus relationship.

3. Avoid prostitutes who are high risk.

4. Avoid sharing needles, syringes, skin piercing instruments, shaving razors, etc.

5. Avoid donating blood except with disposable equipment and avoid untested donated blood and organs.

6. Consult your doctor for fuller details.

Syndrom of AIDS
Kandidóza jazyka
Kandodóza jazyka spojená s oparem (herpes simplex)
Kandidóza v ústech
vrazné zduření mízních uzlin tzv lymfadenopatie
Vlasová leukoplakie (prekarcenóza jazyka)
recidivující opar na rtu - herpes simplex
Kaposiho sarkom
Kaposiho sarkom
 Kaposiho sarkom na kotníku
Kaposiho sarkom
Orální granulomatóza s mukózou



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